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Paulus Boike Tojo was born in a Maroon village alongside the Coppename river, Witagron in Sipaliwini, South-West Suriname in 1973. He is an energetic persistence and perseverance professional. With a large dose of outward energy, is creative, curious and inquisitive and loves to work in a lively social environment where his willingness to act and react, to provoke and challenge, will impress. He is success oriented, like to enforce performance to itself and to the people around him. His high work pace and sense of direction entail that he can improvise.


At age of 14 he start with business in Suriname: selling shaved, wild meat and fish on the local market. Together with one of his older brother they founded a tourism enterprise, guiding tours to their ancestors’ communities. This company have won the price for best tour operator of 1998 in Suriname. Between 2006 and 2010 Tojo served as a percussion and dance team building trainer/coach and trained thousands of youths and adults in The Hague and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He supported the community where he originally came from as secretary of the Paramount chief of the Pamaka community, Gaanman Samuel Forster. He also served as community relation officer, social responsibility representative and environmental and social responsibility representative for Newmont Mining Corporation in Suriname between 2010 en 2014. With the travel part of his company he was part of different international documentary in Suriname. Worked with dutch and German TV. For the international organisations conservation international and World wild life fund (wwf), he worked as a community development consultant.



Tojo holds an International Action Learning Master of Business Administration in organisational leadership from the Business school Netherlands. He did research on the ‘the ability to attract local communities into the decision making process with investors results in ineffective participation’. He found it very important to answer the following question: ‘HOW COULD TRADITIONAL LEADERS PARTICIPATE EFFECTIVELY TO ENSURE BENEFICIAL RESULTS FOR THEIR COMMUNITIES?’

He is now doctorate in Business Administration researcher which is doing research on the: ‘the impact level on business of the granting of the land rights to the Maroon and Amerindian communities in Suriname. This study is being hosted by the Business School of Holland and the TC business school of the Czech Republic.

At last is worth noting that Tojo is active is social and community based organisations and event around the entire country. He especially supporting young people and entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

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